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Gloria James Pictures

Gloria James Pictures are the hot searched-for item on the internet right now. Sigh… “Hey LeBron, got any pictures of your mom? Wanna buy any? Ahahahahaha!!!!!” and so it goes.

No word yet on whether my “skin-mag offer” prediction has come true or not.

For any of you with a life and healthy interests, who wouldn’t have heard this story, a team-mate of LeBron James may or may not being having an affair with LeBron’s mother, Gloria James. Got it? Now, go do something productive with your life! My God, this is such a non-news item, yet the traffic-flow demands comment. Repeatedly.

No, screw that. I’m not talking about this anymore. If you have an insatiable need for dirty laundry sight-seeing, listen to this song instead. It’s about two people having an affair, so thematically it kinda fits. This way you can leave real people alone to work out their “It’s Complicated” lives right now.