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Doors Singer to Be Pardoned in Florida… 41 Years Later

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Headlines announce “Doors Singer to be Pardoned” in Florida, only that proves that Justice still has legs in that state, except they are short, stubby, and take 41 years to get anywhere.

Fans of the epic, influential 1960s band (and anyone at least as old as me) remember the story as it has been handed down, lo these 41 winters. It was 1969 and, hearing of the controversial frontman’s tendency to get all “experimental theater” while on stage, the authorities in Florida gave a stern warning not to have any of that funny business in their state.

According to witnesses, while on the stage in Miami, Jim Morrison taunted the audience by pulling up his shirt and asking if the crowd wanted to see more of him. Reacting to the enthusiastic response, Morrison allegedly unzipped his pants and showed them all… more. He was promptly arrested for Public Indecency, and the resulting infamy and legal problems is said to be what sent Morrison on a serious funk that lead to yet more drinking, drunk use, bad poetry, and in 1971 his “death” in Paris, France. I say “death” because there is some controversy there, and we’ll get into that later.

Anyway, a mere middle-aged man’s years later, Florida is considering that the actual evidence against Morrison was scant and the arrest and conviction should be thrown out. Awful nice guys. Awful late, of course, but nice still.

Except, according to Door’s keyboardist Ray Manzarek, it never happened. According to Ray, Jim Morrison’s “shamanistic performing style” made the audience see…um… snakes, where there wasn’t one.

Still, the story endures because it is likely far more interesting that the truth. Also enduring is the controversy surrounding the singer’s “death.” According to record, the only people to see Jim in his coffin were his girlfriend at the time, and the coroner, who signed off on the whole thing in record coroner time. Throw in the statement from the band’s drummer who, upon seeing the grave, insisted it was far too short, and we have the conspiracy myth bonanza