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Craigslist Adult Listings Goes Down

Craigslist unexpectedly pulls adult services listings

Well, this must really suck for the Craigslist Adult Listings fans. The one-stop shopping center for quick hook-ups has been taken down by the internet listings services, under great pressure from the offices of the Attorneys General in 38 different states, for what they claim is a continuing promotion of prostitution services (disguised as “escort” or “massage” listings) as well as encouraging victimization of children and facilitating the illegal sex-trade.

If you went to the Craigslist Adult Listings, all you found was a big black block with white letters that said “CENSORED” instead of where the adult listings would normally be. If, however, you were looking for other Craigslist features, they were all up and running as normal.

This isn’t the first time Craigslist has buckled under external pressure. It used to have an “Erotic Services” section, which was discontinued in May of 2009 for pretty much the same reasons, despite Craiglist’s insistence on the ad-placers having a verifiable identity and address. The site also voluntarily worked with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to identify and help in possible instances of Child, or illegal alien, abuse.

What Craigslist did was replace the “Erotic Services” section with the “Adult Listings” section, which was great if you needed to find someone to hook up with for anonymous sex that night, and it was already afternoon when you placed the listing. I wouldn’t know personally, but some of my friends have what you’d call a sex addiction, so their stories were as varied and colorful as they were unrequested.

Craigslist made no mention of pulling down the pants of its Adult Listings section, nor if this is a permanent move. It’s likely that people wanting to locate, or place, such ads will just find another way to do it. Look for “Help Wanted” listings, specifying that the person needs help “moving a penis into their vagina, then back out, then back in, etc., etc.” or “For Sale” listings that will include the lister’s virginity.

Craigslist Adult Listings can go down all they want. There’ll always be another way in…