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BandTel and Enterprise SIP Trunking Providers

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Moving to VoIP SIP Trunking will save on telecom costs (as much as 40%), But that’s just the start. Moving to VoIP frees your phone call from the circuit and PSTN rate center allowing you to…

Converge Communications – converge to just one enterprise network, and lower your in-house support costs.

Realize Global Number Portability – any inbound DID or 800 number can now terminate anywhere you want. That means any country in the world.

Merge Multi Site Locations – unify your organization to operate as one virtual enterprise irregardless of geographical office layout.

Flexible Routing – now any size enterprise afford routing options for voice traffic to multi site locations, based on business conditions or survivability events.

Three Ways to Get SIP Trunking from BandTel

BandTel offers SIP trunking services via three key methods for its clients: This allows the client to adopt new VoIP technologies at their pace, and on their budget. A summary of these methods of deployment are:

1. Adopt Current CPE equipment to SIP Trunking – BandTel makes possible SIP Trunking VoIP services for the business enterprise by utilizing the customers current telephone equipment and broadband IP connections. This is achieved through the use of industry standard gateways that BandTel has certified as Plug & Play.

2. Native SIP CPE Support – BandTel can offer SIP Trunking direct to a customers PBX systems that support SIP. BandTel supports a wide array of native SIP CPE devices.

3. Generations™ Program – BandTel offers a fully supported and managed set of VoIP CPE telephone equipment products that will make your transition to VoIP telephony simple, cost effective, and risk free.

Radiation warnings send mobs of shoppers into stores, start hasty evacuations in Tokyo

Radiation warnings and a gentle but potentially deadly wind blowing towards Tokyo from the general direction of the melting-down Japanese nuclear power plants has caused panic shopping and hasty evacuations in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

The line for the door was getting crowded as major corporations, foreign embassies, and visiting tourists hustled to get out of dodge before the 21st Century’s version of Godzilla got to the subways of Tokyo.

Everyone in Japan is “on the Beach” now. This is getting brutal.

One area of consensus, this accident has moved past Three Mile Island in the press’ opinion. It’s now the “worst accident since Chernobyl”. Nice. That’s encouraging.

The situation is quickly getting out of control and will be soon impacting the global environment and economy in ways we can hardly imagine from our current vantage point.

Fasten your seatbelts. And get some iodine pills.

UPDATE: New Reports from on the ground in Tokyo.

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