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Have a New Year… You Could Do Worse

So by this point, no matter where you are in the New Year time-zone shuffle, you have been dragged from 2010 and launched head-first into 2011 because that’s the way the New Year rolls, my people. Even though, to every other mammal on the planet and all of the other life forms too, what has occurred is more like: the sun went down many hours ago and then it came back up again. So, in that spirit, Happy New Day! Make the best of it and/or keep your head down, or whatever mix of the two works best for you.

So how was your 2010? Mine barely sucked at all, unless you factor in all the stuff that sucked last year. In which case it was… difficult. Still, here I am, dipping my toes into 2011 which granted, is better than having gotten here toe-up. Sometimes it’s those little things

Insults Give Flavor to the Day

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This isn’t a news story. It’s just that insults give flavor to the day. No wonder the popularity of Hugh Laurie’s cranky medical Sherlock, Dr. Gregory House. No wonder the high interest in how cruelly honest, or honestly cruel, Simon Cowell could be, especially to people laboring under the delusion that they can actually sing. Like a human, I mean.

Yes, we love a slick talking, acerbic, cantankerous, curmudgeon in this culture. Besides, some people are just so damn ernest and nice that it gives me hives on the brain. A few weeks ago, Facebook enjoyed an in-rush of Positive Vibes not seen since the Deadheads used to roam this country in vast, buffalo-esque herds; roaming into communities like a endless tide of the unwashed.

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