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The Madness of King (Gaddafi, Kadafi, Quadaffi… oh Hell!) George.

Libya: belligerence still flows from Tripoli bunker: Col Muammar Gaddafi of Libya

Dear Mr. Leader-of-Libya-With-a-Thousand Names. I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but it may be time for you to consider other career options after running your little corner of Crazy World for 40 fun-filled years. It’s not your fault that, after the heyday decades of supporting terrorists, issuing proclamations, and blowing things up over Scotland, that you might be ready to move on. Actually, it is your fault, and God knows, the people of Libya are ready for you to move on. That would be the noise you hear outside your windows. those shouts and boom noises.

Caught up in the heady rush of freedom protests that have transformed Tunis & Egypt, while turning Iran

Muammar Gaddafi Declares al Qaeda Drugging Libyan Youth with Hallucinogens

Erstwhile Libyan strongman Col. Gaddafi, after listening to some Grateful Dead CDs and watching a couple of Phish videos on YouTube, finally figured it out. It’s not that he’s been a total a-hole and Maoist freakshow for the past thirty plus years, it’s radical terrorist organization (and CIA-creation) al Qaeda causing all the commotion over in Benghazi.

Seems like, according to Gaddafi, some sly radical operatives headed over to San Francisco, staked out the Dark Star Orchestra show, and bought a sh*t-ton of Acid (hallucinogenic pills, literally). Then they somehow smuggled it into Libya under cover of darkness, and while distracted parents were looking away, snuck it into the Nestle Quick of hundreds of thousands of excitable teenagers, who are now running amuck and causing all sorts of trouble.

Or maybe they just dosed the Libyan leader himself…

You’d think that I was making this up, if you haven’t been watching the news, but that’s pretty much what Col. Nutjob said on TV today. WTF?

Benghazi is now calling itself “Free Libya”. Rebellious soldiers have taken over military barracks, armories, and even air bases. But still, heavily armed foreign mercenaries roam the streets, shooting at random from vehicles.

Check out the latest video report for more information:

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