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Japanese Nuclear Power Plant Meltdown Fears Grow – Authorities Prepare for the Worst (Video)

The headline says it all. Upwards of 200,000 souls have been evacuated from their homes because of extreme potential meltdown problems in Japanese nuclear power plants that are threatening to really get out of control. If Japan’s nuclear reactors fully melt down, or god forbid go critical, we’ve got a real mess on our hands.

For years the mantra of the nuclear power industry has been that “the plants are safe” and “accidents are extremely unlikely”. Well tell that to the folks in Japan right now. Nuclear power is an extremely dangerous way to boil water, even if you can get away with it for long periods of time in many places. The numbers don’t work out. If it’s a human endeavor, and relies on no nasty acts of god to keep running AND excellent planning and execution by pretty much ALL humans involved, otherwise the health and environmental consequences are horrific and extreme, then you’ve got recipe for unmitigated disaster.

Pray we dodge this bullet one more time and then finally wise up and develop something like deep-earth, closed-loop geothermal power plants instead.

David Pitchford: Wiki-victim

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Man Sues WikiLeaks and Julian Assange for 0 Million Over "EMOTIONAL DESTRESS"

Consider the sad and traumatized tale of David Pitchford, a man so wronged by another man halfway around the world that he is bring a $150 million dollar lawsuit just to protect himself. The accused? A pale man who is up to his @$$ in his own trouble due to the website that keeps on bringing the pain- Wikileaks.Up ’til now Assange thought his only worries were the US Government, Great Britain, Sweden, and… let’s see… the rest of the world’s governments. That is, until Pitchford’s lawsuit showed up, darkening Assange’s door.

In the rather entertaining, if not well-edited, lawsuit David Pitchford is seeking a modest $150 million dollar pay-out because of all the hurtful things Wikipedia and Assange have done to him personally. Some of the complaint is very close to the way humans speak. The alleged wrongs

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