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Kenneth Mars, R.I.P.

News of death is never easy, so it comes a s a sad gut-punch to learn that actor Kenneth Mars has passed away, from pancreatic cancer, at the age of 75. Maybe the name doesn’t mean much to you, but trust me

Obama Asks Mythbusters to Build Death-Ray

Filed under: Celebrities,Politics,Science News,Technology,tv — Tags: , , , — Positronic Dave @ 2:58 am December 9, 2010

Headlines declaring “President Obama asks Mythbusters to Build Death-Ray” would have been expected back before this November’s mid-term election, and I for one was disappointed that the Tea Party People missed what was a golden opportunity for some real Pulp-style protest signs. And how did Glenn “There are Vampires in the Whitehouse” miss this chance to smear Vap-o-rub under his eyes so he could get all teary-eyed for the benefit of us, America?

Astute watchers of the Discovery Channel show already know that the show’s hosts Adams Savage and Jamie Hyneman and their team of assistants (including the absolutely yummy Kari Byron) have already attempted, and disproved the myth (or, in the shows parlance, “busted it”) that the Greeks used reflective surfaces to focus sunlight on the Roman ships and set them on fire, during the Battle of Syracuse.

But in the first attempt, the ‘busters used mirrors and not the (historically alleged) “shields polished to the point of reflecting the sun.” So, instead of the banks of fixed mirrors used in the first attempt, they will use polished metal shields, presumably held by folks, in a second attempt to prove/disprove the myth. This is not a new idea for the show, they frequently re-try old myths when they have received new information, viewer complaints, technological upgrades, or any other resource they lacked the first time.

Obviously, the “shellacking” the Democrats received in the mid-term elections, is behind why President Obama asks Mythbusters to build a death-ray: he wants this technology proven so he can arm ex-ACORN staffers and have them set fire to Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, while there is still time. Now, that’s what I call “Science.”

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