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A visual tour history of Skype

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Came across this info-graphic about the history of Skype and thought it was extremely well done, and informative. VoIP for business telephone systems and personal calling has become a huge force in the communications and business worlds. From SIP Trunking and Asterisk PBX applications to video chat on an iPhone or iPad, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) seems here to stay, because if cost and other advantages over POTS, or Plain Old Telephone Service.

Visual history of Skype, from Online MBA.

Skype, what all the full is about in VoIP for business, SIP Trunking and personal communication

Nuclear Meltdown Watch – Fukushima power plant uranium fuel rods fully exposed – Tokyo threatened

Nuclear Meltdown Watch continues – New reports that at least one of the Fukushima nuclear power plant reactor’s uranium fuel rods have become fully exposed. Tokyo is now threatened. French citizens advised to evacuate Tokyo area, home to almost 50 million people.

Anderson Cooper of CNN just tweeted that he and his crew were bailing out of the area and would be off the air for at least an hour while they fled the contamination zone.

All but 50 (probably doomed) workers have fled the plant itself. The heroic remaining crew desperately trying to flood the reactor with seawater, already a worst-case/last-ditch/throw the baby overboard maneuver.

This is some bad-news serious stuff. I’d go out and get a bottle of potassium iodine pills tomorrow, and maybe even call your city health department to inquire about supplies. Japan was pushed about 10 feet to the West by this incredibly powerful earthquake. They built nuclear power plants where they knew that could happen. Now we all have to pray, meditate, or power-think together and hope it’s enough to stave off even further unmitigated disaster.

Thoughtful video report on nuclear meltdown threat from Russian TV
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Video from RT

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