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Texas Skate Boarder Rules

Our hero of the week, here at Blogosaurusstampede, is Jacob Isom the Texas skateboarder who stood up for what is right about this country of ours: tolerance and acceptance. And he stood against the bigotry and xenophobia that those who drape themselves with flags and crosses like to pretend they know the slightest thing about. We’ve all heard about Reverend Terry Jones

Philosopher Blaise

Filed under: Controversy,News of the Weird World,Religion,Science News,Spirituality — Tags: , , — Positronic Dave @ 12:44 am September 5, 2010

Not the giant bonfire of thinkers that it may initially sound like, Philosopher Blaise, refers to Blaise Pascal, the French Writer, mathematician, inventor (he created the first mechanical calculator), physics buff and Catholic Philosopher, as odd as that sounds. I mean, a “Catholic philosopher?” Yes, indeed.

But ol’ Philospher Blaise, as his rough-and-tumble 17th Century pals used to call him, had a little explaination regarding belief in God vs. non-belief that seems to still have a lot of legs to it, so to speak. Basically, Pascal said “If you believe in God (and he exists) you get to cash in big-time; disbelieve and you lose if, again, He actually exists.” The same ernestly cynical reasoning as what motivates a 9-20 year old to “still believe in Santa Claus” because he’s experienced the phenom of presents from parents and relatives + ones marked “from Santa.”

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