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2011 Ford Explorer- Car AND FaceBook Buddy…

It’s nice to know that social networking sites like Facebook are being used by companies (in this case a car company) to pimp the Ford Explorer 2011. God knows, I’d buy a car based on 48,000 people pushing a “like” button, as opposed to checking out gas mileage, roll over statistics and safety tests. No, I want to make sure that the 2011 Ford Explorer and I share some mutual friends. Hey, maybe the new Ford Explorer and I could play Farmville together! Aw yeah, this is going to be great. And could I cross-post some of those 2011 Ford Explorer pictures for you? Sweet!

I’ve noticed on Facebook recently that products and businesses are being “suggested” to me a greater pace than ever. Oh sure, I understand people asking me if I “like” Jesus, or do I want to be on the fan page of this band, or that performer. That’s all fine. But, I shouldn’t have to point out, the 2011 Ford Explorer is not Jesus. Ford wsn’t even a disciple.

But I resent everyone from people to marketers clogging up the social website trying to peddle their movies, concerts, political organizations, etc., etc. See, this is one of the unintended fallouts of the Supreme Court case where it was established that corporations count as “people” for reasons of political contributions. As much of molestation of the political process as that one is and will continue to become, now I have to be “friends” with products? And, if I were to buy a 2011 Ford Explorer, and then later sold it, would have have to”unfriend” it first, or would I need to show proof of sale?

I already have people the “friend me” because they’ve seen me perform. Fine, I take that as a compliment, even when I do not know them, or remember them. But I’ve begun to see an increasing wave of people who friend me just because they saw we have mutual contacts in the performing world. They may not know the mutual friend anymore than they know me, but I’m on their friend’s Friend List, so I must be famous… or useful.

What was a way to stay in contact with, or re-find old and lost, friends is becoming another place for a few people and/or companies to flood the airwave (or bandwidth) with messages that do not build community; that just further their own limited, personal gains. So, don;t friend me if all I am to you is another contact. And stop trying to sell me a 2011 Ford Explorer while you’re at it.

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