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How the Oregon State Legislature Rocks at Rick Rolling

Clearly, things have gotten ugly in American Politics recently, and I’m not just talking about John Boehner’s face. Ok… I AM talking about John Boehner’s face, but also, on the larger scale, we have politicians on both sides of the aisle ready to let the government be shut down rather than work with each other. Throw in that the Democrats are largely neutered and spineless in the face of guileless and pitiless Reptiles… I mean “Republicans” as well as the unwashed barbarians at the door demanding a Tea Party approach to politics that reminds one of the Nazi’s bonfire approach to the Dewey Decimal System.

Fortunately, there is still hope for gentle humor in American Politics, which in turn means, there is still hope for America at large. Check out the recent actions of the Oregon State Legislature and its distinguished member (snerk! I said “member”!!!!) Jefferson Smith.

Concerned with the national air of adversarial politics, The Oregon State Representative from Portland decided to lay a gentle prank on his fellow House-mates. he gathered a bunch of his colleagues and together, they read the lyrics to Rick Astley’s 197 hit “Never Gonna Give You Up” totally straight-faced.

Rep. Smith found it was not hard at all to talk his colleagues, from both sides of the aisle, into the idea. Apparently, being “Rick Rolled” is common enough to have entered our cultural parlance. First though, they had to sneak this past the House. The lyrics were split up between all the conspirators, and hidden in their statements read before the House during a session in February 2010. Think of it… the people who had to work phrases like “Never gonna give you up” or “I want you to know how I feel” had it easy; the rep who had to work “ooh!” into their statement? Not so easy.

Then came the arduous process of going through hours of videotaped speeches to extract the Astley Bits (as it were) and assemble the whole into the video that is enjoying viral life on Youtube. after it was assembled, everyone was given a framed copy of what lyric they worked in, as well as a photoshopped photo of Rick Astley dancing on top of the Oregon State House building.

Reacting to remarks and rumors, Rep. Jefferson Smith has stated that all the clips are real (in fact the only thing faked was the afore-mentioned photo) and – more importantly, for the humor-impaired crowd – was not paid for with any taxpayer or public money. His wife shot and edited the video, taking over a year to assemble it.

He just did it for the laughs, and also for the fact that, even for a while, it brought Republicans and Democrats together in a common purpose that establish and/or strengthened working relationships between the two parties, the kind that lead to reasoned compromises instead of tense stand-offs. Can’t beat that, right? Check out the video here:

So, here at Blogosaurus Stampede, our hats go off to Rep. Jefferson Smith and The Oregon House of legislature for making politics a little more human, and giving Rick Rolling a new landmark achievement.

Hipster is the New Hipster

My, my… the blogoverse today is full of transmissions about hipsters. Many of these nu-testaments are written by hipsters about hipsters fir hipsters and that probably puts some kind of strain on the Time/Space Continuum. Almost everything does these days. If it doesn’t, you know… create zombies. Well that idea = fail. Just look at the hip new term “Social Networking.” I think was first coined in a George Romero movie. Hipster is the New Zombie.

Facebook (aka The Social Networking Site of the Damned) has been peppered recently with links to a variety of photos entitled “Hipster Trap” – usually featuring a cage and/or bear-trap, baited with a six-pack of PBR, a can of Redbull, and one or two other, assorted product placements. The best dive bars around are inundated with hipsters until ferns start to sprout. Did I say “ferns”? I meant “slam poetry.” There are even dueling hipster movies at the cinema, squaring off with mighty roars of “… whatever…” as they struggle for market dominance.

On one hand we have Happythankyoumoreplease – a story where novelists, painters and singers interact in meaning(of-life)ful ways. On the other hand, we have Monogamy – a story where photographers and singers interact, and there’s a bunch of sex angles. The first movie has a kid. Both are very hip, and you should ask yourself, before you consider seeing them, “Am I hip enough to watch these movies with sufficient irony?” If not, leave the PBR philosophizing to the professionals, Ok?

The cable monster Jersey Shore has a Gay Hipster, I am led to understand. Good for them. They also have a “Snooki” who gets a higher paycheck for University appearances than Toni Morrison. File that in your “Signs of the Imminent Apocalypse” notebook. And put on a helmet, apparently it’s already crazy out there.

Why, the Hipster Craze (as it was nicknamed by someone very hip) has even put its authentic Chucks into the irony-rich world of raising poultry.  The hipster coop known as “nog” – designed by Matthew Hayward and Nadia Turan, is shaped like an egg, which will provide hipsters with hours of “chicken vs. egg” conversations, rich in cultural references and uses of the word “fuck” as a verb, a noun, an adjective, and pejorative. You may gaze upon its awesomeness at

In other, very possible news, someone said the name Katy Perry and the term “hipster” within several words of each other. Medical examiners attribute the 29 deaths to “Head Explode-y” Syndrome (HES) and have advised the CDC that it is “just one of those things.”

And, in this faux-journalist’s opinion, final proof that the Hipster Plague has slouched its way towards true epidemic proportions?  It has been acknowledged by the Prophetess That is Known as Lolcat.  We might as well surrender now. It’s a Hipster World. the rest of us just live, un-hiply, in it. Until we’re eaten by zombies.

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