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Inception Ending

Filed under: Movies,Reviews,The Internet — Tags: , , , , — Positronic Dave @ 3:34 pm July 16, 2010

Why do people blog about things like Inception ending, or any other movie’s ending, for that matter? Yes, we got that you saw a movie and are excited to tell the world what you thought of it, but here’s the thing. Many of the rest of us haven’t seen it yet and we don’t want your veiled hints about how awesome the Inception ending is, any more than we want you tell us what it is outright. You’re not the Inception Wiki rep, Ok?


That’s why other people than you go to the movies. So they can see it, and enjoy it, themselves. While we’re on the subject, we don’t need you amateur reviewers chewing our food for us, either. That’s what the Inception trailer is for.

But no… the interweb is soaking full of people either giving away the ending to yeat another suspenseful movie; or else ruining the freshness of the experience for everyone else who has the misfortune to read their blog postings, with ham-handed hints like “Remember the bomb in the watch. It’s significant later in the film!” Thanks, you Leonard Maltin wanna-be hacks. Telling me that “the hero factors heavily into the Inception ending, isn’t quite the deep analysis we were hoping for. I’m just sayin’…

Hints and Twitters about the Inception ending already make me want to not go. I got that the movie involves dreams, and the dreamscape, and a method to extract information from other people’s dreams; and then something goes wrong, or there’s a nefarious conspiracy behind the whole thing. That’s a no-brainer. There are only seven basic plots and a whole year’s worth of movies usually only uses three of them… tops.

This reminds me of when M. Night Shayamalan’s Sixth Sense came out. Everyone I knew just had to gush about it to me, while at the same time exclaiming how they weren’t going to give away the twist-ending and ruin it for me. Great, I thought, now I know to expect a twist-ending. From there it was a brief extrapolation of the “kid who can see the dead” premise to surmise that the twist-ending was probably….

… you thought I’d give away the ending didn’t you? For those who haven’t seen the movie yet, I don’t want to ruin it for you more than I already have by relating the incident. For those who have seen it, yeah, I guessed the ending.

I’d like to see Inception. I generally like or admire anything Leonardo DiCaprio does, and Chris Nolan has also directed movies like The Dark Knight and Prestige, so that bodes well for a good film. But until then, internet movie geeks… please: shut up about the Inception ending, keep your Inception review to yourself. We’d all like to be surprised. That’s why we go to the movies ourselves, instead of sending you.