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Iraqi Christians Celebrate Christmas by Leaving

Filed under: International News,Religion,Threats and Tensions,Violence — Tags: , , — Positronic Dave @ 12:05 am December 24, 2010

The plight of Iraqi Christians make the whole Fox News “There’s a War on Christmas in this country” seem awfully pale by comparison. then again, most Fox News news anchors are fairly pale by comparison, so it works out. Sort of…

Ever since the U.S. destabilized the whole country by a little thing we called Desert Storm II, among the many social problems has been the targeting of Iraqi Christians by terrorist groups.

It has gotten so bad recently, that many Iraqi Christians are celebrating the holiday by giving each other tickets out of town, or even out of the country. Hundreds have fled the cities in the south for the relative peace and protection of the Kurdistan region. Some have even fled to neighboring Jordan and Syria. And when Christians think Syria is a better place to be, you know conditions at home must really be bad.

Instead of the obvious celebrations, most Iraqi Christians that haven’t fled, are staying real quiet, and real low-key. Masses are being held to protest the violence and church bombings, but I’m guessing the addresses are not being spoken too loudly. Given the seige of one church back in October that left 60 dead, that’s a wise thing to do. even a new government isn’t assuaging any Christians’ fears that the persecutions are anywhere near over.

Proposition 8 Supporters Bemoan Type-Casting as “Bigots”

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As the debate (and renewed court battle) over California’s controversial Proposition 8 is once again taken up, this time in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal there are those amongst the crowd wishing to deny same sex couples the same rights enjoyed (or not enjoyed- depending on how you view marriage as an institution) by heterosexual couples who are bemoaning being type-cast as bigots for their opposition on this issue.

…and in other news, crocodiles of the world have

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