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Maia Campbell

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Another star fallen on hard time, another one lost, Maia Campbell has been reportedly seen raving and acting strange. Friends and family fear she has fallen back into heavy drug use, and certainly her recent behavior supports this.

Former Guns ‘n’ Roses Drummer Steve Adler Writes Tell-All Book

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Well, you do what you have to do, and Steve Adler felt he needed to write a book, describing his experiences with Guns ‘n’ Roses, the highs of the Rock and Roll Lifestyle and the lows, and then some more highs. A lot of highs… Steve Adler was high a lot it seems. In fact he was so high, so often, on heroin that he got kicked out of the band. It’s got to be bad when you’re the dope addict that the other dope addicts just can’t deal with anymore. In several groups with the word “anonymous” in their names, that’s what you’d call a “sign post.”

So, years later, after getting clean through the help of the reality show Celebrity Rehab and it’s camera-hungry magic healer “Dr. Drew”, Steve Adler has finally kicked the habit(s) that threatened to kill him, and done an extensive, and no doubt lucrative, “4th Step” in his book My Appetite for Destruction… which is funny, ’cause that’s just like the Guns ‘n’ Roses album that he played on and… oh, Ok… I get it. Sorry.

Describing himself as an underdog who wants to get over his past, Adler has written a book about his life in L.A. before, during and after the band. Like all such drug-to-rehab dramas it goes to some deep, dark places and you have to give the guy some credit for willing to be that honest without too much editing, if maybe, a little embellishing to make the bad worse and the good, better.

The catharthsis of finishing the book, he tells, has enabled him to put together a new band Adler’s Appetite, which features ex-members of Quiet Riot, and Faster Pussycat among others. So we can expect that L.A. flavor in his hard rock. While the band is playing a lot of old G’n’R material, they do have some originals, no doubt with that “ex-junky being grateful” spice to it.

We kid Steve Adler, but we wish him success in his new band, book, and clean lifestyle. Steve Adler? Go you.

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