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Lindsay Lohan Twitter

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Truth comes by twitter these days, and the Lindsay Lohan Twitter after she failed yet another drug test, comes with it the truth that she is an addict. And what is that addicts do? They use drugs. Or they drink. This all sounds obvious, but the usual reaction to admissions like the Lindsay Lohan Twitter is “What is wrong with her? Why doesn’t she just stop doing drugs?” along with the usual secret glee the normals feel when a celebrity is brought low by their own failings.

Expressing regret over her recent failed drug test, she has stated that she will appear in court, if asked, and accept whatever judgement the judge passes down. So… I’m guessing that means she won;t write dirty words on her fingers with nail polish this time?

The reality of all this is

Dina Lohan – Parent o’ the Year

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God grant me that when my daughter is older, that aI’m not as stupid as Dina Lohan, the mother of everybody’s favorite celebrity train-wreck du jour, Lindsay Lohan.

Appearing on The Today Show, Dina Lohan showed the kind of nebulous reasoning and blind faith in her own words unseen since Emperor Bush II called Sadaam Hussein a possessor of WMDs. Oh, those seem like such heady times compared to watching Dina Lohan’s parenting style, that seems to be, from all appearances, a subtle kind of not-parenting, if you will. It’s as if, if she closes her eyes long enough, she can believe it’s still last night. Well, open up your eyes, Dina Lohan: it is Today, and your daughter is an alcoholic drug user. Good Morning!

Check out this video of choice moments from Dina “I stayed close so Lindsay could fail on her own” Lohan’s interview:

Oh, no no no, says Dina Lohan to Matt Lauer’s questions regarding Lindsay ending up in rehab because of legal problems… again. Lindsay, says her mother with a straight face, doesn’t have addictions, she has tabloids. It’s all their fault. They took the fact that Lindsay is in rebab for the fourth time in three years and just exaggerated it to mean she had a problem, or something.

And there’s no problem with Lindsay checking out early or anything, and besides, maybe the Lohans can sue California! The sensitivity to reality must be a genetic thing with the Lohans. I don’t know that you can be taught to be that clueless. Dina then points out that one goes to rehab to be rehab-ilitated, then sits back with a knowing look in her eye, like she just said something clever about why it’s a good idea for Lindsay to keep checking out of them early. Besides, if we all would just see how Lindsay is, she’d tell us how’s she so not an addict/alcoholic and we’d believe her.

Two words, Dina Lohan: “act” and “tress.”

Dina Lohan also explains away Lindsay painting “F*** you” on her nails with the statement that she and Lindsay went to court believing that all charges were to be dropped that day… so that’s why Lindsay painted that on her fingernails beforehand…? And that’s the reason why it wasn’t “Lindsay’s choice”? WTF? Hold on, I need to re-read what I just typed…. yup. She actually said that. And she blamed the whole thing on the judge again. And bad things you’ve heard about Dina are her ex-husband’s fault and Lindsay’s fine and Dina is a good mother and we all just want to believe the tabloids, and Lindsay’s an actress and Dina is too a good mother.

Meanwhile, maintains the self-appointed Parent O’ the Year, Lindsay is fine and we’ll all see when she gets out, and in the meantime Lindsay is doing charity work to help what victims? Kids with addiction or alcohol problems? No… other celebrities who are “tabloid victims.” Lindsay Lohan lives in a sad, broken-down country called Lindsay Lohan Land, and Dina Lohan stands at the borders and says everything is fine.

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