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Egg Recall Leaves Thousands Shell Shocked

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I was wondering when the next big food recall would be… there is a nation-wide egg recall for eggs possibly tainted with salmonella. And, as I’ve said before, this is not surprising, given how food is grown, handled and packaged in this country, to say nothing of the conditions for the animals on factory farms.

This particular egg recall is very wide-ranging (but not free-ranging), involving up to 230 million eggs produced by the Wright County Egg company, located in Iowa. The eggs were distributed to a wide variety of wholesalers, and repackaged under several different brand names. additionally, many of the eggs went to food service companies, for use in food preparation.

The way to tell if your eggs are part of the egg recall is to check the end of the egg carton for the date/code information stamped there. Affected eggs processing plants will be labeled with a “P” and the numbers-1026, 1413 or 1946. Date codes are between “136” and “225.” So, if you have an egg carton stamped “P-1413 175” you should take it back to the store you bought it at for a refund.

Shell eggs are the only product mentioned in this egg recall. Egg products (such as powdered eggs or egg whites are not affected by the recall.)

Can’t say this makes the Wright County Egg Co look very good. Their eggs were connected to 7 cases of salmonella in Minnesota earlier this year. Then again, if they didn’t keep their chickens in cripplingly small, over-crowded cages, standing in their own filth, just to pump out antibiotic and growth-hormone tainted eggs at a higher production rate, we wouldn’t need an egg recall to keep the public safe.

Nap Nanny: Read the Directions…

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nap nanny sm250 Nap Nanny Recalled After Babys Death

News of the death of a infant whose parents were using the Nap Nanny, has caused a recall of some 30,000 of the infant sleep aids. It however has not prompted a parallel call to properly inform parents of the possible danger if they don’t read a product’s directions, of if they have, to urger them to follow them. Likewise, we have the danger of products made that have not been diligently tested, often due the short-sighted, or short-cut, actions of the manufacturer. Either way we have the unimaginable tragedy of a baby suffocating to death in what was an easily avoidable accident. There’s no punishment that authorities can come up with that will be worse than that which the parents will endure henceforth. There’s no parole from sorrow that big.

Baby Matters, the company that produces the infant sleep pads state clearly in the directions, that the Nap Nanny should never be placed in a crib. That this could result in injury or even death for the child. Even properly strapped in, the infant can cause the bed to flip over, trapping the baby between the foam recliner and the crib bumper. Which is exactly what happened in this instance. And if it were just that, we could chalk this one up on the terrible scoreboard of infant tragedies.

But, to date, this is the 22nd such report that has been received by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The problem lies in the first generation of Nap Nannies. These are the models that lack an D-Ring that secures the straps to the mattress. Even if you have the later version with D-Rings, Nap Nanny strongly suggests you visit their website and review newly posted safety-videos, to contact the company for a free copy of the video at 888-240-4282, 9am-5pm, (EST).

People who have the first version should discontinue use and contact Nap Nanny for information on how to return the models. Nap Nanny will give an $80 discount on a new bed, with no shipping costs. That seems a tad cheap to me, they should just send you a non-lethal version, free. And of course, there is nothing they can do that will make up for the loss of the infants who have died because of the Nap Nanny. Nothing.

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