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Egg Recall II: Shell on Earth

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The egg recall just gets bigger and badder much to the smug delight of the vegan and animal-rights crowd and the general shame and financial panic of the egg industry. Another egg farm in Iowa has issued an egg recall because of being linked to Salmonella poisoning cases, which have reached 300 so far, nationwide.

Trying to spin the egg recall story into anything close to positive, Hillendale Farms (get it? Hill and dale? Why that’s just like the fresh, clean outdoors, that name) has cheerily announced its own voluntary egg recall, according to the FDA. see, if you look at the Salmonella Plague the right way, these guys are actually heroes. Yay for them.

This brings the current egg recall tally to something over 400 million eggs, and counting. With the way factory farm eggs are produced and handled, you can easily and almost safely, count the salmonella cases before they hatch.

This whole egg recall was triggered when a wave of Salmonella cases swept 13 states at 300% the normal rate. even at the FDA, people began to take notice. If you don;t know what Salmonella is, at least know what it does: it comes bearing gifts of fever and stomach cramps, throwing up and diarrhea (often at the same time). It extreme cases it can cause death.

As funny and light-hearted as that whole bucket of information was, here’s the real gag: these “voluntary egg recalls” happened just after the FDA finally grew some cajones and instituted rules for large factory-egg farms and chicken plants. Notice carefully how I didn’t call either of them farms.

Hillendale sowed it’s eggs o’ death in over 25% of the states, under the aliases “Sunny Farms, “Sunny Meadows”… here’s a great one: “Wholesome Farms.” Mmmm… infected with bacteria… just like Mom used to make! They are also sold as “West Creek” eggs. So if you have any of the eggs described in this, or the earlier articles

Egg Recall Numbers: Update

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Wright County Egg has realeased an Egg Recall Numbers update, as the numbers of suspected eggs has swollen to a frightening 380 million eggs possibly tainted with Salmonella, that have been linked to outbreaks in Colorado and California, in addition to the earlier reported outbreak of seven cases in Minnesota.

Since the initial press release and recall announcement on August 13th,

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