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David Siegel

Filed under: Idiots,Real Estate — Tags: — Positronic Dave @ 7:25 pm June 22, 2010

Are you looking for a little fixer-upper property with some possible potential? Well, my man David Siegel may be just the kid of guy to hook you up, if you’re that kind of “can-do” person, looking for a giant-sized condo.

I heard it that he’s got this $75 million-dollar, unfinished mansion for sale. No wait… don’t write the check just yet… it also comes with (wait for it) a rotating bed. Sweet!

David Siegel sells $75M unfinished mansion with rotating bed [slideshow photos]

David Siegel, a man who lends money to God, on account of a monetary firmament he runs, called Westgate Resorts, is making a splash in the news-feeds for putting a mansion on the market for the afore-mentioned $75 million. But here’s the secret shame: the mansion is (*gasp! choke!* )… UNFINISHED!!!!!! AAAuuuuggghhhhh!!!! The horror! the unmitigated realty horror!!!!

I say, the mansion was given the name “Versailles”; anyone who knows anything about European History will remember that the Treaty by the same name was also, in future hindsight, also somewhat “unfinished” when it was sold. Also, $75 million and it’s unfinished? What possibly had you not installed yet? Mink showers? A living Elvis? Solid gold landscape? What?

I mean the place is a humble 90.000 square feet, it lacks a 24th bathroom, you can count the number of kitchens on only two, complete hands… by God and by the Lodges

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