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Rob Dibble Fired

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Rob Dibble

News of the specific comments that got Rob Dibble fired fill me with the oddest emotion I’ve ever had when addressing an issue regarding a loud, obnoxious sports-radio mouthpiece… I actually feel bad for him. Go figure, right?

Rob Dibble who is, I mean, was what is described as a “color analyst” (whatever that is… can someone tell me?) for the Washington Nationals who has somewhat of a reputation for being a “bad boy” who will just say whatever wacky, usually-offensive, wild comment that runs straight from his mind to his mouth without coming anywhere near his brain’s critical judgement center on the way. A former ESPN radio commentator (gee, I wonder why he’s a “former”…) Rob Dibble was already suspended for some stupid comments he made about some women on last week’s broadcast.

This time though, it was his unsympathetic, Drill-Sargent rant against Washington Nationals’ pitcher Stephen Strasburg was apparently the straw to the Washington Nationals managements camel of patience. Mocking him at the time as a little cry-baby because his arm hurt, Rob Dibble looked quite the ass when it was announced that Strasburg had suffered a torn ligament in his elbow, something quite a bit more severe than a “boo-boo.”

Dr.Laura Quits… Civilized World is Glad

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Continued fallout from her “N-Word” tirade, and Dr. Laura quits the airwaves. I knew there was something fresher about the air today, I just wasn’t sure what it was.

As we reported earlier, Dr. Laura Schlessinger had a bit of a tantrum on her call-in radio show. A black woman called in looking for advice on who to best deal with racists comments and jokes from her white husband’s friends and relatives, and Dr. Laura grilled the woman a la “Why is it Ok for black comedians and rappers to use the word but we (us white, civilized folk) can’t?”

The reasons are many and, to the socially sensitive among us, pretty obvious, but Dr. Laura “The 1st Amendment should cover my white sheet and hood!” Schlessinger is a woman who stands behind her contention that the repellant word should be free for all to use as they will. Except the dirty liberals won’t let her, so “F*** it,” says Dr. Schlessinger, “Dr. Laura quits! rather than be silenced by “special interest groups” out to crush a “helpful voice of dissent.”

Is this f***ing woman for real?

We’ve only hurt ourselves here, folks. Now we’ll all be bereft of the pshycological insights of a woman who got her degree in, as a good friend of mine, Randy Markey, pointed out… physiology. That means, instead of dishing out the spew-venom disguised as “helpful advice” to blacks, women, gays and anyone else Dr Laura doesn’t like, she should’ve been teaching gym. Even the adage “Those who can’t do, teach. Those who can’t teach, teach gym” is too good for her (and by the way, not true. Physical education teachers are hard working and care, deal with it)… as I’m sure she can only catch, pitch and hit to the right.

After Dr. Laura quits (at the end of her contract, so we’re not down with the harpy yet) she plans to go hunting down her 1st Amendment rights, presumably so she can yell the “N-Word” to her withered, dark heart’s content. Check out this video of the news story for a full dose of this self-serving, arrogant, dull-wits’ long goodbye. The link is here.

What’s sad here is she knows she was wrong. She used the hateful word no less than 11 times on air… she NOT a victim here. She delivered a full-on apology and that should’ve. could’ve been that. But now she’s trying to cast herself as a 1st Amendment martyr and that’s just sad. Next, she’ll no doubt fight for the freedom to yell “fag” and “dyke” at people whose lifestyles she’s railed against on her fraudulently psychological talk show.

The news that Dr. Laura quits is a small breath of fresh air in a radio sky already over-polluted by hate from the mouths of Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and the rest of the Whiny Caucasians Club. One down, when can the rest go? At least Dr. Laura quits in a huff… the rest of them will probably take a minute and a huff.