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Jailbreak Me

Filed under: Business,Products,Technology,The Internet — Tags: , , , — Positronic Dave @ 12:08 am August 2, 2010

No sooner is the iPhone4 out than the illegal downloads and apps are made available. Hence JailbreakMe.

For those of you (like me) that don’t have any kind an iPhone4 (or any other model of iPhone for that matter) and so, have no idea what “jailbreaking” is, it’s simple: there are apps and other software that Apple says you cannot have or use with their iPhone, iPhone4, etc. Well, Apple, you can say what you want, but customer demand has once again spoken.

Comex, the web-based jailbreakers took it to the interweb live just today. You access the site on your iPhone4, take the simple (if illegal and warranty-breaking) step and, faster that you can say “Remember when that Wentworth Miller show was good?” your iPhone4 is broken out of jail… or jailbroken. Something like that.

Chocomize Your Life

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The Chocomize Company had me at the first five letters of its name. The New Jersey based chocolatier offers a customize your own chocolate bar deal that is fascinating in it variety and flexibility. You could literally die before you tried all the different combinations of chocolates, fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, etc., etc all adding up to a boasted 30,000 different choices.

Chocomize Personalized Chocolate Bars

First you “chocomize” by picking either dark chocolate or milk chocolate as a bas for the bar. You can also pick “white chocolate” or “sweet cocoa butter” but if you do, you’re a sad person and I feel sorry for you. Unless you’re allergic to regular chocolate, in wich case I feel even sorrier for you.

Then you go the the Chocomize ingredient choices. This is where it’s fun: there are 20 different nuts and seeds, 11 various spices , 25 candy add-ins, 15 decorations, and 15 options listed as “other” that include potato chips and beef jerky. I declined these options, as I felt my chocolate bar was busy enough. I don’t want to make it so brain-meltingly awesome that I couldn’t bear to eat it. We are talking about chocolate after all. What they need is a prescription/over-the-counter drug options. That way, you could bring your lady love a dark chocolate bar with Midol and Valium. You’d be a super hero to her.

Most of the ingredient options are under $1 each, although the decorations can run as high as $3.25 for the afore-mentioned gold flakes. With the bars that go for a few ingredients, you’re looking at the $6-$10 range, depending on how fancy you want to make it and how fast you want to get it. I ordered two imaginative-combination bars and with 4 day shipping, it ran about $20, so while Chocomize is a special Occasion sort of thing, for sure, you can still chocomize a gift relatively inexpensively. plus… you know… it’s chocolate.

They also have an option where you can choose to donate $1 to one of three causes: Doctors Without Borders, The Michael Fox Foundations or Action Against Hunger/ACF-USA which, in my view, only makes the

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