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What Would Life Be Like Without the Jimmy Stewart Museum?

See how I did a kind of riff there in the headline, comparing the plight of the Jimmy Stewart Museum to that most famous of hypothetical questions, the one safely ensconced in the habitual Christmas Time movie It’s a Wonderful Life? Damn clever me… actually, not really. I saw everyone else on the interweb do that and we bloggers, while we like to imagine ourselves as lone wolves, are actually herd animals. Baaaaaah Humbug.

But, back to Jimmy’s museum.

The museum, located in the third floor of a library in Indiana, Pennsylvania, is falling on the hard times, like every other museum (along with 98% of human beings) in America right now. Victim to both the financial pressure of lessened State support, as well as Jimmy Stewart’s disappearing allure to younger movie goers, the museum has seen a 50% drop in visitors and groups over the last ten years. Right around the time George Bush was elected… hmmmmm, interesting. Wonder if there’s any connection there, especially with all the similarities between mean Mr. Potter and former VP Dick “Why Don’t the Poor Go Die and Lessen the Surplus Population?” Cheney.

John Butzo, who serves on the museum’s Board of Directors, says all it would take to keep the museum going is a modest $150,000 per year endowment. That’s not too much to ask, he says, to keep one of America’s movie icons’ memory alive, is it?

Sadly, other than It’s a Wonderful Life (which I have to go on record as admitting that I cannot stand…) and maybe Harvey (which I gladly go on record as saying I love…) Jimmy Stewart’s movies are not really this generation’s thing, and those who grew up with the stuttering every-man are quickly fading into that last sunset themselves. Which is sad, because Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is the kind of movie every American should watch, especially since the Tea Party (the biggest collection of Mr. Potters ever) will continue to claim the movie’s image while totally missing out on its message.

If you are interested in helping out the museum you can contact them here. I’m sending what little cash I can, but

The Federalist Papers Come with a Warning Label

Did you know that the Federalist papers Come with a warning label nowadays? Wow, has the Tea Party become that much of a threat? Do the labels on the Constitution mean that the bat-s**t crazies can’t use it as a reason to promote Christianity as a mandatory National Religion, or use the 2nd Amendment to buy and sell cop-killer bullets legally? Bum-mer! You know, for them. For me, I might just sleep better at night.

A small publishing company has been criticized for putting warning labels on copies of famous U.S. documents, from the Constitution to the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, etc. The company, Wilder Publications, warns the casual reader that the documents are “products of their time” and may not mean what they would, were they written today.

The unique disclaimer cautions parents that they might wish to discuss how things are different now, rather than when the documents were written, especially on subjects like race, gender, sexuality, etc., etc.

Needless to say, the Tea Party People don’t like this one, and they are making their marks in the Customer review section, damn it! They Use hurtful words like “insulting” and “frankly horrifying” and “Hey, this isn’t the copy of ‘Mein Kampf’ that I ordered!!!”

Actually, their complaint is that the only thing in those documents that you’d need to discuss with your kids are things like small government, state’s rights, the checks and balances of the system, and judicial restraint. Also, they want more photos of Sarah Palin’s new, allegedly augmented breasts, but you know how they are

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