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Ayla Brown

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Oh my God, stop the presses…

Towel Day

Hey, you hoopy froods! It’s “Towel Day“!

Created to celebrate the work and life of author Douglas “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” Adams, fans of the man and his epic, hilarious sci-fi parody/tribute honor both by carrying around a towel, which if you haven’t read the book, you won’t get. And I’m sure they drop favorite lines and act out bits, like geeks at a Monty Python screening. If you want to take part from anywheer in the world, post a picture to Flickr with the tag “towelday” or you can tweet to #towelday, or link to the Facebook page or post a youtube video:

Funny, I was going to suggest you go to a bookstore and encourage people browsing to try out the first book. But that would involve both leaving the house and talking to people you don’t know. What was I thinking? Geeks don’t do that! That’s a “regular people” kind of thing.

Speaking of which, it is also Geek Day, as celebrated in san Diego with a Geek Pride day. Man, if you want to know where a fortune in lunch money waits, just begging to be pounded out of people with no skin tone, I have a suggestion.

To make this day yet Geekier, it is the anniversary of the release of Star Wars in 1977.

Between the three, i’ll go with Towel day. Now excuse me while I “pretend to be a slice of lemon and jump in and out of a giant gin and tonic.” Oh, wait that’s the 3rd book. Bad Geek, Ryk, no Towel Day for you!

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