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Clone Wars Adventures

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventure Screenshot

The Clone War Adventures are clearly for those for whom 6 Star Wars movies, as many video games and a poorly-done animated feature is simply not enough. I don’t know if the force is with these people, but certainly a life out in the bright sunshine seems to also be in a galaxy far, far… ok, you know. I don;t have to say it.

If you are a Star Wars Clone Wars Adventure junkie, then you better believe that Sony Entertainment has the good stuff, yo. All you need is that coin. Actually, a lot of those coins, as you have to pay for an online account, as well as have a Windows PC, if you don’t already. Mac users…. sorry! You lose…

Players get to become their favorite Star Wars characters Anakin Skywalker (before he went all Evil, I mean), Obi-Wan, Yoda or Ohsoka Tano… whatever that, or he, or she, happens to be. You’d have to ask someone who studied the movies a bit closer than I ever have (or ever will.)

RIP Brian Woods

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Brian Woods, the designer of the popular online game Company of Heroes was killed last week in an auto accident. There is a memorial fund being established in his name for his wife and their as-yet unborn daughter.

Brian Wood memorial trust fund established for wife and unborn child 150x150 Brian Wood memorial trust fund established for wife and unborn child

For those who don’t know Company of Heroes is a multi-player, real-time strategy game where the players control units of the WWII US Army in France. Since its debut in 2006 it has set the standard for online military action games.

Well, no doubt, Brian Woods set the standard for heroics in the last few seconds of his life. The Woods were driving in their car when another vehicle went out of control, crossing the median line, heading straight for a head-on crash. Seeing the car coming straight towards them, Woods turned the wheel so that the driver’s door took the impact, saving the life of his wife, Erin Woods, who is six months into her pregnancy.

His co-workers at Radical Entertainment described Brian Woods as a normal, very friendly, and incredibly nice human being. They’ve set up a trust fund to help Erin and the baby as they attempt to deal with life without their husband and father. Donations can be sent to

I couldn’t care less about online video games, and my hope is that Brian Woods isn;t remembered for his work on a realistic battle game, but for what he did in that last second or so he was alive. Brian Woods acted the hero, for real.

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