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Mushrooms and Santa Claus

This is the kind of Christmas Story I can get behind

U.S. Gov’t Wishes Julian Assange a WTF Christmas…


The CIA plans to unleash a big WTF on Julian Assange and Wikileaks. Ah me, sometimes, the jokes? They write themselves…

The CIA is setting up a Wikileaks Task Force to look into exactly how Wikileaks was given the confidential State Dept. memos that have just been all the rage on the internet over the last few months. Given their apparent mis-reading of the colloquial language, I would bet anything that they should be able to prove it was Wikileaks that sold Yellow Cake uranium to Sadam Hussein for use in his giant, hi-tech WMD lab. matbe they could use a good LOL (Leader of Language) to manage that?

As if the estimated 250,000 U.S. State Department. memos (some 2,000 of which have been released so far) isn’t embarrassing enough, the CIA apparently wants the world to take us even less seriously than they already must.

Headlining the combined CIA & CIA efforts will be the OMG (Office of Managerial Grouping) who hope to sift through all the data until they draft a ROFL (Resolution of Factual Logistics) before the world reaches a state of LMAO (Literal Mirthful Actual Obfuscation). I mean it’s hard to keep up with all these sophisticated codes these damn kids come up with for their Textual Revolution.

Somehow missing the hundreds and thousands of stories, op-ed pieces and chat-room brain trusts, the CIA wants to judge the impact of these leaked memos on the world and how that effects the United State’s reputation in the world. Presuming that is successful, the CIA hopes to then intervene on behalf of the French, before they are defeated at Dien Bien Phu at the hands of the Viet Minh forces… it’s a history joke, look it up.

Given the urge I feel to SMH (Secure My Hope…. what else could ‘SMH’ mean?)

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