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McDonald’s Happy Meals: A Threat to the Youth of America

I really love it when people collect their priorities and decide to take on McDonald’s Happy Meals and their pernicious threat to the youth of today. Forget a dour economic future, forget the mean-spiritedness that is the Tea Party mentality; forget toxic waste and global warming: we are marching tall and those french-fry scented toys ARE GOING DOWN!!!

A class action suit has been launched in California (this is happening in California? Well, sure

Sonya Thomas: 105 Lbs. of Eating Fury

Filed under: Contests,Food!,Hot & Sexy — Tags: , , — Positronic Dave @ 2:41 pm September 6, 2010

Sonya Thomas

Sonya Thomas, who is barely 5 feet tall, and weighs in 1/3 of a Rush Limbaugh, won the Buffalo Wing Eating Contest, held at the 9th Annual National Buffalo Wing Festival, held in…. wait for it… Buffalo, New York.

The fiery (even before the ingestion of several ounces of hot sauce) competitor downed an unbelievable 181 wings in 12 minutes. That equals nearly 5 lbs of chicken meat, or 5% of her total body weight, in one sitting. Her closest rival (who was over a foot taller and over twice her weight) came in at 169 wings, making her win even more amazing, if gross examples of competitive over-eating happen to be your thing. If you’re more of the “I’ll eat a few, but I’m not gorging here” kind of person, not to worry

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