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Family Watch Dog

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There are five sex offenders living in my city according to the family watch dog. Yes, my dog whispers to me, late at night, when everybody else is asleep. My dog tells me things… horrible, horrible things.

I’m kidding. I’m not crazy. Ok, not that kind of crazy. I’m actually talking about, a free service that will show you how many registered sex-offenders are living in your area, zipcode, street… whatever. That’s how I know that there are five of them living in the same town as I do; five that are on probation and have to register every year as well as if they change address. However the sight also tells me there are 88 considered “non-mappable” living in the same town.

That’s an eerie thought. I mean, I know that sex offenders are out there, and anything like family watch dog is a good resource for parents. It will tell the names and addresses of registered sex offenders. I know that sounds like a cruel extra punishment, but I don;t take chances with my children. Granted, many sex offenders got on the list from dumb crap, like exposing themselves in public while urinating, that sort of thing. But the rest are rapists and/or pedophiles, and I’d want to know if one moved in on my street.

Sex offenders, like any serial criminal, are simply wired differently, and the recovery rate is dismally low. Makes AA look like star makin’ machinery by comparison. Those who complain about the stigma suffered by ex-offenders never knew a child that was molested or raped.

Of course common sense, and raising your children with love so their self-esteem gives another edge is the way to go with parenting. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t going to check out family watch dog ( on

Will Arnett

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Will Arnett‘s a lucky guy. He and actress/comedian spouse Amy Poehler are celebrating the birth of their second child, Abel James, just this morning. The baby and mom are apparently doing just fine, just resting from that whole “squeezing out a watermelon/having your head stuffed through a birth canal” joy that is the human birth process.


Young Abel will join 2 year-old brother Archie, the couple’s first child.

In recent interviews, Amy Poehler joked that giving birth was just a part of the over-all getting ready for the Emmys routine for her. No, she’s a funny lady, for sure. She’s also up for an Emmy for her show Parks & Recreation, though most people associate her with her run on Saturday Night Live, when she and Tina Fey brought the funny every week. Just how much they brought the funny is evident in the show since they’ve been gone. Real Amy Poehler fans go back at least as far as her tenure with the Upright Citizen’s Brigade. Her husband Will Arnett you’d know as Alec Baldwin’s foil on 30 Rock. With comedians like this for parents, the kids are in good hands. Comedians are serious about caring for their kids.

We wish Amy Poehler, young Abel, as well as Archie and Will Arnett all the best. Happy bigger family, you guys.

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