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Elin Nordegren

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Tiger Woods with wife Elin (pic: Getty)

Elin Woods (nee Elin Nordegren), through her attorney, has announced her divorce from husband, Tiger Woods. As he has similaely announced, through his attorneys. And apparently, everybody’s attorney’s behaved nicely, as did everybody’s attorney’s clients, so this is an amicable parting of marital ways as well as the division of a very large pile of cash. Actually, the Tiger Woods divorce settlement has been web-estimated to the tune of some $750 million dollars, although the reality seems to suggest an amount about half of that. Still, I think Elin Nordegren can continue to raise the kids on that small stipend… her kids, and Uruguay.

The divorce became official today between Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren, less than a year after the “faux auto crash” story that started the whole mess. You remember that one? Where the initial spin was that Elin Nordegren was swinging her husband’s golf club at his driver’s side window “to rescue him” from the accident where he backed up into something while pulling out of their driveway? A crash at 5mph and she needs a 9-iron jaws-of-life to save him? Not likely.

What preceded that must have been some phone-call, some discovered receipt, some indiscreet email… something that ha to do with Tiger Woods’ alleged 15 different mistresses/prostitutes/hook-ups. Some puzzle-piece fitted into a larger picture, is all I’m saying… Those post-scandal Elin Nordegren pictures did not show a happy woman.

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren said their official-via-spokespeople goodbye’s, wishing each other well… or something that rhymes with “well.” Hey, as long as they both do right by their kids, the rest isn’t any of our business. But frankly, if I can put in a personal note here

Stephanie Seymour Not Nominated for “Mother of the Year”

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There is trouble in Super Model land, as Stephanie Seymour, the famous Victoria’s Secrets model, and girlfriend to the stars has missed what is described as a mandatory drug and alcohol test, a pre-condition set by the courts to protect the interests of the children, while she and Peter Brant hash through all the ugly details of their on-going divorce.

Seems the Stephanie Seymour couldn’t make it, as she and her children were busy vacationing in their favorite home-away-from-home, St. Barts. Hey, I sympathize