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Electronic Hazardous Waste


This country, like much of the world generates frightening amounts of electronic hazardous waste

Elizabeth Edwards Near Death

Filed under: Celebrities,Disease,Health,Medicine,Politics — Tags: , , , — Positronic Dave @ 1:26 am December 7, 2010

Elizabeth Edwards, wife of John Edwards, the one-time running mate with John Kerry in the 2004 elections, is reportedly near death, her cancer having progressed to such an extent that doctors have told her she may have only a few weeks to months left. Since doctors told her that any more cancer treatments would be futile now, she has gone to her home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, in order to enjoy the time she has left in comfort and surrounded by family and friends.

Elizabeth Edwards has always been a popular figure, both with Democrat Party people for her work in her husband’s Vice-Presidential bid along with John Kerry in 2004 and his run for the Democratic Presidential Nomination in 2008, as well as with those who took her side after it was announced that her husband had both had an affair and fathered a cild with Rielle Hunter.

Having an affair while your wife is battling cancer. Classy John, real classy. And not using condoms? Well, that’s just dumb. I mean, really.

None the less, her estranged husband was at her side home, along with their children and friends, enjoying the time they have left with Elizabeth.

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