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New Hope in Fighting Aids

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There is one more weapon in the arsenal for fighting the spread of AIDs, a fight that while not as much in the news spotlight in this country, is no less a pandemic than it was 1, 5, or 30 years ago. A vaginal gel, has been praised for greatly reducing the risk of a woman contracting AIDs by almost half, sending waves of excitement and hope through the international research community.

A study of almost 1,000 South African women showed that the antiretroviral medicine Tenofovir in the gel, if used regularly, reduced incident of infection by over 50%.

this is the first vaginal gel that has shown any real success. And scientists and activists headed to the International AIDs Conference (being held in Austria) will be talking about little else. Whereas a vaccine still seems out of reach, this is here and this is now. There’s some hope.

Worldwide, almost half the people infected with AIDs are women. In Africa, that’s over half of all known cases. Given cultures where many still believe that raping a virginal girl will cure AIDs, this gel will literally be saving lives. Yes, abstaining from sex and condom use help even more, but in a rape culture, those are not available to women. This gel could be. Nothing makes a rape less bad, but giving women another weapon against AIDs infection will be a God-send.

The gel, called Caprisa-004, still has tests to go through, especially with more than one control group of women, in order to solidly confirm it’s potency, but AIDs researchers say this has been the first bright spot on the horizon in quite a while.

British Petroleum Has New Hopes for Stopping Oil Leak

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Well, the news that British Petroleum has high hopes about finally plugging the leak that’s been spilling 100,000 barrels of crude oil per day since back in April has me convinced that, this time, the company is serious. And we should all forgive them and let Tony Heyward just get on with his life.

In other words, nice try British Petroleum, but we’ve been whispered that pick-up line before about coming up to your room to look at your etchings of oil spill capping technology. Full us once, shame on us; try to fool us twice and f*** you.

But no, this time British Petroleum swears it’ll pull out ahead of schedule first. All it takes is for several things to go right and nothing to go wrong. Yeah, i know

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