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Stephen Hawking vs. God

Filed under: Books,Celebrities,Controversy,Religion,Science News — Tags: , , , — Positronic Dave @ 7:58 pm September 2, 2010

Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking. (AP Photo/Dave Einsel)

In his new book, Stephen Hawking is taking on God, in what has to be the most lopsided match-up in fighting history. In this corner, weighing in something close to 100 lbs, even with his pockets stuffed with dark matter , we have the man with a brain big enough to imagine the universe, but with a body that cannot dance. In the other corner, we have the Creator of Everything. Doesn’t seem very fair at all. Almost a Chuck Norris vs. Don Knotts style event. Still, it’ll be worth watching, right?

In his newest book The Grand Design, Hawking argues that all the laws of physics made the universe’s creation inevitable just from sheer gravity, and not a man with long hair, beard, and a thing for clouds and little people with wings.

Tuff talk from a man who’s motorized wheelchair can’t top 10mph. For (if you’ll pardon the term) God’s sake, Hawking didn’t even write the book by himself. He had Leonard Mlodinow, a fellow physicist, to help him out. All God had was him/her/itself. Score one for God.

It’s all about the spontaneous, argues Hawking, claiming that God just isn’t necessary when you have Science. First, in A Brief History of Time, Hawking says it wasn’t necessary to believe in a God, and now he’s saying that God would be simply redundant. Wow… and God always spoke very highly of you Stephen Hawking. How rude. that’s one more for God.

Just because Hawking is on a quest to merge The Theory of Relativity (big stuff) with Quantum Physics (sub-atomic, or not-big, stuff) doesn’t mean he should forget his manners just because he has a new book to promote.

In wrapping it all up, just because of recent discovery of life-sustainable planets orbiting other stars, it doesn’t depart from reason to think God made this one, or the others, for that matter. For all Science dis-assembles and reconstructs even the tiniest gears and cogs of what makes reality, it still never seem to be able pin-down, or even identify, what animates it all, what gives it sentient life.

In the final analysis, the judges in my brain call the whole fight off, because it just wouldn’t be fair. Still, Stephen Hawking? You would’ve gotten your ass kicked. Just sayin’…

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