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Wikileaks’ Assange is in Several Bull’s-Eyes

Wikileaks’ Assange is in several bull-eyes right now, and even his detractors would have to admit… it kinda sucks to be Julian right now.

Matt Barnes Arrested for Domestic Assault

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Matt Barnes, arrested over a domestic dispute, wants everyone to know he is innocent until proven guilty in court as well as being exonerated on Sports talk radio. I’m sure ESPN will write him a Kobe Pass, bemoaning how unfair it would be for him to miss games just because of some little, ol’ charge involving a bit-… uh, I mean, woman. Sorry, I must have been speaking Lakers-ese there for a moment.

Matt Barnes

The Matt barned arrested story has its origin in an aborted 911 call received by the Sacramento County Sherrif’s office yesterday. The call, which featured the sounds of a struggle going on in the background, was cut short. When deputies arrived on the scene, they discovered both Matt Barnes and a woman described only as “someone Matt Barnes is dating/living with” both had cuts and bruises. It took a short time to put together that Barnes was the aggressor, and so he was booked on felony charges of Domestic Violence and Malicious Obstruction of Phone Use, which is a new one on me. Did they make that up just then?

“Matt Barnes arrested” quickly became “Matt Barnes Out On Bail” with just a wave of Matt Barnes’ magic $50,000 in cash. Which is what… a day’s pay for him? A few hoop-shooting hours, maybe?

Of course, Matt Barnes went right to Twitter to get his version of the story some media legs. Domestic Violence is the case that they gave him. Only Matt Barnes claims that he was the victim, not the woman. Further he claims he is being treated unfairly because he is… the man. Just because he slapped an opposing team’s coach this summer, people have to be thinking he’s all violent and shit… *sigh*. Those “basketball wives” get away with everything.

So, until we hear any further details, we’ll pin “Matt Barnes arrested” up on our Great Tragedies of 2010 corkboard. We’ll pray for him too. Poor Matt.

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