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BP Says “Oil Spill Stopped!”

Filed under: Breaking News,Disasters,Environment,Scandals — Tags: , , , — Positronic Dave @ 5:00 am July 16, 2010

I’d like to believe BP engineers who are certain the oil spilled stopped, finally. I didn’t check to see if Snow Cones are being served in Hell right now, and given British Petroleum’s record of screw-ups and manipulation of facts and all, I’m not ready to believe either of these situations have changed. I’m praying I’m wrong, but we’ll see. But the 75 ton cap they are testing, seems to have written “oil spill stopped” all over the wreckage of the Deep Sea platform that blew up those many, heady months ago. Wasn’t it just April a moment ago? No, that was more like 86 days, really. 86 long, long, depressing and enraging days ago. My how time flies while 184 barrels of oil fouls up the Gulf of Mexico for decades to come.

“OIl Spill Stopped” is just Phase One of the operation. Next we wait to see if the pressure builds up enough to blow the cap off, or for the leak to rupture the ocean bed and resume leaking elsewhere.

Millions of Gulf of Mexico residents are hoping against the odds that the image they’ve been seeing on the underwater oil spill live feed after all this time