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Bieyanka Moore

Filed under: Porn!,Uh-Oh! News — Tags: , — Positronic Dave @ 9:55 pm September 8, 2010

Shock is resonating throughout the Porn Industry, on the rumor that popular Adult Film actress Bieyanka Moore is, in fact, only 15 years old. This is quite the serious allegation, because if the allegation is true, this would make every video she has been in de facto Child Pornography; which of course makes all the other actors, actresses, directors, film crew, fluffers, etc., accessories to said Child Pornography.

Bieyanka Moore must be 2010-ese for Tracy Lords.

Most of you wouldn’t remember Tracy Lords. She made a number of Adult Films back in the 1970s and 1980s before it came out that she too was under-age when she made those films. It served to make what copies remain “in circulation” rather valuable, as well as completely felonious to own. Anyone who still has VHS copies of Tracy Lords’ movies has kept their mouths shut about it, for obvious reasons. For the record, there are one or two Post-18 adult films starring Tracy Lords, as well as some bad B-Movie Sci-Fi flicks along with TV appearances, blah blah blah… the ironic point here is she was much more interesting when she was illegal, I guess.

So anyway, the rumor has hit that Bieyanka Moore is only 15, and therefore, illegal in a way that is destined to rock careers and possibly earn some people some jail time, if it proves to be true. For her part, Bieyanka Moore has denied the allegations through that medium known for its empirical truthiness, la Twitter.

Apprently, calling her an “Adult Video Star” may be pushing the hyperbole just a tad. It seems our Bieyanka, (aka Charrida Smalley) resume may be limited to a few online videos (that have no doubt been taken down faster than plummeting airplane on fire) and not