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Arizona Law SB1070 Reaches the Supreme Court

Filed under: Courts,Law Enforcement,Legal,Politics — Tags: , , , , — Positronic Dave @ 4:01 am December 9, 2010

In Arizona Law sb1070 news, there’s a picture in the news today of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer standing in front of the Unites States Supreme Court. She’s smiling, and I’m guessing that she just feels good, standing so close to something that white. It’s like she’s in her comfort zone.

The Supreme Court is hearing arguments regarding the controversial law sb1070 that was introduced in 2007, and has caused a basic crap-storm since, with Tea Party actitvists and immigration-rights supporters taking the opposite views on the law, its neccesity, and whether or not it’s a racist affront to a country of laws. Oh, and whether a Federal laws or state’s rights trump one another.

Didn’t we have a similar discussion back in the 1860s? How’d that turn out?

At the heart of what was discussed today is the question of whether Arizona is acting illegally in this regard, or whether the federal government has failed and Arizona is just doing what it needs to do. Also, the constitutionality of the clause that would strip businesses found guilty a second time of hiring illegal aliens; especially its focus on making business owners use the e-Verify system to check the status of workers applying for jobs.

In the past, checking for Social Security numbers and/or driver’s license was all an employer had to do for due diligence. But Arizona wants to enforce the mandatory use of the e-Verify system, as system so full of flaws and mistakes that one-in-five results are wrong, and that is what the Supreme Court was looking at today.

While there is no surprise on the arrogant elitism of Judges like Antonin “I Go Hunting With Dick Cheney” Scalia, the other judges wrestled with the questions of is Arizona illegally by-passing federal Rules, or doing what it needs to, in the wake of Federal failure to address the problem of illegal immigrants, regardless of the fact that