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Andrew Breitbart

Filed under: Controversy,Idiots,journalism,Politics,Scandals,Videos — Tags: , , , , — Positronic Dave @ 7:17 pm July 21, 2010

Hey, congratulations, Andrew Breitbart, the Tea Party, and Fox News, too! You destroyed someone’s career through lies, using a heavily edited video and you’ve advanced the cause of Racist America at the same time. You must be very proud of yourselves. heck, your Fuhrer must just love you right now.

We’ve all learned how Shirley Sherrod lost her job through accusations of reverse-racism. How a quote of hers, regarding initially treating a white farmer applying for U.S. Dept. of Agriculture assistance in keeping his farm from being foreclosed on, was leaked via Andrew Brietbart’s edited video of the speech, which caused he to be fired from her position at the USDA’s Georgia Office.

What Bretibart edited out, of course, was the real point of her comment: how SHE GOT OVER HER OWN PREJUDICE to help the man. How she realized this wasn’t a “white vs black” thing, it was giant agri-business vs. poor farmer thing. Even the farmer’s wife has stated that, without Shirley Sherrod’s help, they would’ve lost their farm.

But those are grey areas and Fox News likes it when black is set against white, even more than they like homophobia and sexism. Taking a clue for Josef Gobbel’s propaganda handbookegarding the control of information, Andrew Breitbart edited out any of the parts of Shirley Sherrod’s speech that showed a human being growing by putting aside their own feelings and doing what’s right, and just left in the parts that came closet to spelling out “Kill Whitey!”

WTF, Andrew Breitbart? You want there to be hate and racism in the world? You want what gains minorities have fought for for decades, centuries, to be taken away and given back to rich white men only? These questions were all rhetorical. That’s exactly what you and Fox News want. I suppose we should be grateful that you’re dropping the mask and wearing the white hood in public. Now we know you better for who you really are.

“Big government” my ass, you just don’t like black people, do you?

Of course, Breitbart claims he received the video in its edited form and he’s not to blame here. So, Andrew… you’re a journalist and you didn’t do diligent research to authenticate your information? Dude, I’m just a blogger and I found the full speech on Youtube. Maybe you shouldn’t, to conclusions, jump.

Breitbart took this Traveling Fraud-Show to,