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Allison Adler

Filed under: Celebrities,Gay/lesbian News,tv — Tags: , , — Positronic Dave @ 2:56 am July 30, 2010

Sarah Gilbert And Allison Adler At The Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch

Ok, this news is totally sweet. Allison Adler and Sarah Gilbert are in a relationship. The photos suggest they’re pretty happy. That’s nice, really.

There had been rumors that Allison Adler and the ex-Roseanne costar had been involved, but in this day and age, who cares? What I mean is, so what if they’re in a lesbian relationship? The real question is: are they in a happy, committed relationship, and if so, Mazel Tov.

Apparently, Sarah Gilbert held a press conference recently, less to announce the relationship, or her gayness, than to just say, “hey, people have been wondering if I am, and I am, so there it is. Everybody good? Let’s move on then.” Sarah is what Sarah is, and never felt the need, or inclination, to announce it to the world. She’d rather just live her life like anyone else. But some people wanted or needed to know, so here it is. Yes. Yes, she’s gay. Yes, she and her partner Allison Adler are together and have two children. Deal with it.

The timing of this, just before the kick-off of Gilbert’s new talk show, is less about hyping