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Judges Stops Wisconsin Anti-Union Law… for Now, Anyway

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There is a little bit of joy amongst Wisconsin’s teachers and other union employees tonight, as Governor Scott Walker’s notorious union-busting bill has been blocked, at least temporarily, allowing some hope that it will have to go through the process again, hopefully this time in a more legal and less draconian way than last time.

As everyone knows by now, the bill was not just asking the unions for concessions given the very tough economic times we all live in

Radiation warnings send mobs of shoppers into stores, start hasty evacuations in Tokyo

Radiation warnings and a gentle but potentially deadly wind blowing towards Tokyo from the general direction of the melting-down Japanese nuclear power plants has caused panic shopping and hasty evacuations in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

The line for the door was getting crowded as major corporations, foreign embassies, and visiting tourists hustled to get out of dodge before the 21st Century’s version of Godzilla got to the subways of Tokyo.

Everyone in Japan is “on the Beach” now. This is getting brutal.

One area of consensus, this accident has moved past Three Mile Island in the press’ opinion. It’s now the “worst accident since Chernobyl”. Nice. That’s encouraging.

The situation is quickly getting out of control and will be soon impacting the global environment and economy in ways we can hardly imagine from our current vantage point.

Fasten your seatbelts. And get some iodine pills.

UPDATE: New Reports from on the ground in Tokyo.

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