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Eataly NYC

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The pun alone involved in Eataly NYC should make backers Mario Batali and Oscar Farinetti feel ashamed of themselves. On the other hand, there will be the greatest concentration of all things Mangia, that we can forgive the bad world-play, yes?

Modeled after a similar, successful complex in Turin, Italy, the Eataly NYC will feature (get ready for this, food fans) nearly 14,000 square feet of everything imaginable, when you imagine Italian cuisine: seven different italian restaurants, a wine store, a bakery/patisserie, and even a giant supermarket dedicated to all things Italian. even a cooking school where Batali, and others, will drop in to teach how to make Italian food from the basic ingredients up. Fresh Pasta, Fresh Cheesemaking

FEMA Warns East Coast to Prepare for Hurricane Earl, Amazingly, Before Hurricane Earl Even Arrives

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[Image of initial wind radii]

FEMA is upping their game, yo! The Federal Emergency Management Agency has actually issues warning to people living on, or near, the Eastern Seaboard, before the Hurricane Earl has even gotten to the continental U.S.

For comparison’s sakes, it is believed that FEMA has just learned about Hurricane Katrina and is considering whether any action is needed there. Also, if anyone knows where Louisiana is, FEMA would consider sharing that information with them a huge help.

Islands in the Caribbean, as well as Puerto Rico have already been hit by fierce wind and shredding rain, as Hurricane Earl has pumped itself up to a Category 4 storm, according to the national Hurricane Center.

At present, FEMA acknowledges that no official Hurricane Warnings have been set for the United States, but cautions that a storm like Earl could change course at anytime, even hitting land during the evening of tomorrow or the next day.

FEMA, as always, suggests that families have a to-go kit stored and ready, with all necessary prescriptions, identifications, and important papers, should you be in a Hurricane-accessible area. Those likely just to be hit by edges of the hurricane should still have 72 hours worth of food and bottled water, along with other supplies (such as batteries, portable radio, candles, etc) in case power is knocked out by the wind and rain.

For the best information on what to do, when to do, and why you should be pre-perpared to do it, can be found at the Ready America website. I mean, we don;t want to put too much pressure on FEMA. They still haven’t heard about the Gulf of Mexico yet, probably…

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