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Arlington National Cemetary

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Vice-President Joe Biden was at the

Grilling Corn on the Cob

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We here at Blogosaurusstanpede love grilling corn on the cob! We sit them down in uncomfortable chairs, aim hot, bright lights at their faces, and then take turns playing good cob/bad cob until every kernel pops with the deseprate need to confess. Then we bite them with our teeth.

It’s a cruel world, but often delicious.

To prep, soak the un-husked corn in water for at least a few hours. (If you can’t do this, wrap them in tin-foil.) You want to take the piece of corn, pull back (but don’t remover the husk) remove the corn silk, and place a pat of butter, or rub olive oil on it, taking care to note how homo-erotic you look, tough guy.

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